WordPress Updated to Version 4.9.8


Much like the sun rising tomorrow, you can count on the team at Automattic and individual contributors to continually improve WordPress and the team at Maintainn to keep your websites up-to-date. This time, it is WordPress version 4.9.8 breaking over the horizon. Let’s take a look at what this new version of WordPress offers, besides another jazz musician to explore (this time it is Billy Tipton).

The most noticeable change in WordPress 4.9.8 is a callout to encourage people to use WordPress’s new upcoming editor, Gutenberg. Upon updating, WordPress presents admin users with a callout to encourage folks to install Gutenberg as a plugin to begin using it and a link to get more information. Alternately, for those not ready for Gutenberg, an option is made available to install the Classic Editor plugin to keep things continuing to work the same with the editor WordPress users have grown accustomed to.

Try Gutenberg callout for WordPress 4.9.8

Gutenberg is a hot topic in the WordPress community right now, so anything related to that will generally get much of the spotlight. However, there are other changes in 4.9.8 including privacy fixes building off the personal data tools that were brought into WordPress in 4.9.6. The correspondence around users requesting collected personal data should be more consistent and informative, there have been more code tests added to ensure code quality and pagination configuration has been added to the administration interface.

If you want to do a deep dive into the changes included in WordPress 4.9.8, you can do a little light reading of the Change Log. Of course, you could just relax knowing that the team at Maintainn has your back and will keep your site running smoothly and spend some time enjoying the summer weather.

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