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What started off as an intermittent Twitter chat event and takeover has grown into a daily effort of offering WordPress support to anyone who needs it. Maintainn is pleased to offer the hashtag #askMaintainn for anyone seeking answers about WordPress or our services.

Got WordPress questions? Tweet #askMaintainn, and one of our team members, or our own Maintainn Twitter profile, will get back to you with an answer. Considering that Maintainn is a WebDevStudios joint, that means that anyone who uses the hashtag for WordPress support has access to a team of WordPress experts.

Here’s how it works: whether you’re a current Maintainn subscriber, thinking about subscribing to one of our plans, or just simply feel lost and need some assistance, we’re here for you. When you face a WordPress challenge, tweet your question and include the hashtag #askMaintainn, and one of our team members will get back to you. It may not be immediately, but someone will reach out with guidance.

Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question. Knowledge is power, and we’re happy to help you achieve yours. Below is a sample of some of the questions we often receive.

Q: How much do you charge a client for maintenance and how do you set this up? Do you offer different packages?

A: Our WordPress maintenance plans start at $49 per month and increase up to $249 per month, based upon a yearly billing cycle. Check out our Plans page for more details.

Q: How do we avoid having to duplicate implementation of updates from staging on live when on an active transactional site?

A: Here at Maintainn, we have our Enterprise Support plan where we use the power of Git for branching and version control. With proper branching and deployment methods in place, we can push updates to a Staging environment for client review and then push those same updates to Production with the few clicks of a button.

Q: Do you get your clients to pay for the plugins required for a project or do you pay and charge? I ask because when it comes to renewals who pays?

A: We ask our clients to purchase plugin licenses so they have record of this billing and provide us the keys as needed.

Q: Can your company maintain a site that has come customization of the core of WooCommerce code?

A: Absolutely! We generally recommend our Enterprise Support plan for these situations, and also have our Support Hours Program available for additional development support as needed for customizations.

Q: I have never seen a WordPress backup but my site is always asking for it. Where can I find it and how do I do it?

A: The location and access to your website’s backup will vary depending on your hosting company. At Maintainn, we backup all of our client’s website using ManageWP, which stores backups securely within the S3 cloud.

Q: Any other tool to bulk maintain beside ManageWP.com?

A: We use ManageWP here at Maintainn, but MainWP and InfiniteWP are some other examples.

Q: Is there a go-to tool for viewing and testing a site for mobile?

A: There are several, but CrossBrowserTesting.com is a good solution to start with.

Q: If you have a very busy WooCommerce site but need to do an update, how do you make sure you don’t overwrite new sales when you push Staging?

A: Using Git and deployment tools/methods, Maintainn pushes theme/plugin files on Staging and Production and does not touch the database on Production where sales are recorded.

Q: Is it better to, one, update WordPress and WooCommerce right away to new versions, or two, give plugin developers a little time to make sure their plugins are working on the new versions before updating?

A: Great question. Check the Change Logs to see if there is a security vulnerability, and if so, update immediately. If not, you may be able to wait, but you won’t have to wait too long if you are updating a Staging site first.

Q: When (if ever) do you recommend a client to test a beta version of a plugin?

A: Generally, only if there is no other solution available and the plugin provides a unique function. It’s always best to test beta versions on a local or Staging environment first!

Q: Can you set up automated testing for these things rather than having to do it manually/how? Are there some things you have to manually test that unit/automated testing won’t cover?

A: RobotNinja is a good solution to check out for automated WooCommerce testing. ManageWP also has a feature to schedule plugin updates as well.

We look forward to connecting with you on Twitter and providing you with WordPress answers to your WordPress questions. Don’t forget: use the hashtag #askMaintainn so that we see your tweet!

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