Maintainn is happy to release today – a small project that aggregates the most recent incident reports from common WordPress hosting services. While the technical side of the project is little more than a pile of fetch_feed loops, we find value in collecting data from hosts in one location may, in some small way, increase productivity and provide a centralized location to find out about incident reports across all common WordPress hosting services.

There were only a few that did not have any feed available, and one of these hosts is presently working with us to make data available for consumption via either RSS or JSON.

As managed WordPress hosting services become increasingly prevalent, experience growing pains, and encounter the dizzying slew of hosting architecture problems any host certainly faces, we hope that providing their consumers with a readable feed of all real-time incidents will be the norm.

At Maintainn, developers are in touch with hosts every day of the week, for a variety of issues, bug reports, and other inquiries on behalf of our customers, so we created the site to be a quickly glance-able list of any potential issues hosts may be experiencing.

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