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One thing we really like to do is talk to our clients and get feedback on pain points. We can have what we think are the best ideas possible but if those ideas aren’t making our client’s lives easier then they’re pretty pointless so we love hearing how our clients are using our services (and obviously how it can improve).

One area that we’ve noticed being an issue is our included WordPress development time with select plans. While this can be great for some, it did cause issues with others. The problem is that if you don’t consistently need the development time then it’s tough to commit to having that time available (and driving up the cost of the monthly plan). Scenarios we noticed were that some clients wanted the benefits from our Premium or Enterprise plans but didn’t always need the development time so we would usually suggest a lower plan with some add-on hours which wasn’t always the best solution.

New Prices and A La Carte Development

Today we’re happy to announce a new (lower cost) pricing structure, and our new plans for WordPress support services have increased support time monthly and development time has been removed. You may ask, “Well, what if I want development time?” and to that we have a great answer. Starting today, every client will have a new “Support Time” area in the customer portal and once logged in you will have the opportunity to purchase blocks of time (at a discounted rate) when and if you need it. Support time can be used for anything from extra support, phone consultations or actual development work – it’s up to you. No more worrying about if you’ll be able to use all of your time allotted each month, just get what you need when you need it, it’s that simple.

As always we’re constantly thinking of ways to improve the experience for our WordPress support services and we hope this will be a welcome change!

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