WordPress 5.4 Changes and You

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In the next release of WordPress, your editing experience will change, but have no fear. You can still turn that feature off if you prefer to use the old method. This coming change is slated to be released in WordPress 5.4 on March 31st. It will change the default editor style to be full-screen by default, and it is probably going to be one of the first changes you recognize.

You can turn off WordPress 5.4’s full-screen editor by using the pull-down menu at the top right of the editor and un-checking Fullscreen Mode.

This is a screen shot of WordPress 5.4 that features the option to use the pull-down menu by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the editor. Un-check Fullscreen Mode to turn off the full-screen editor.

The purpose of the full-screen editor is to help provide you with a less cluttered work space while editing content on your site. It does this by hiding the admin tools in the left sidebar and the top of the dashboard. This feature can help you keep your focus on the content creation tools themselves.

This new release will also be adding some new content blocks to the Gutenberg editor, such as social icons and buttons to help make adding those elements easier.

We recommend making a backup of your site before upgrading to WordPress 5.4, just in case you need to roll back to the previous version. Many hosting providers will automatically update you to the latest version, and having a back-up strategy in place will help safeguard your site before updates like these are rolled out to your site. If you don’t already have a good maintenance plan in place, be sure to look into our Maintenance plan offerings and get started today!

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