With WordPress version 5.2 scheduled for a May 7th release (postponed from April 30th), is your site ready? Is your host?

In this version, WordPress is making some changes to the minimum requirements needed in order to work. There will be many under-the-hood changes for those who love to tinker, some editor changes, some styling, and some version numbers that will be increased.

Version changes

The biggest impact to your site will be the PHP version increase. Why? The latest version of PHP is not only more performant but it also provide security updates. However, not all hosting companies are using the latest version of PHP. This could have a performance impact on your site if your plugins or theme aren’t up-to-date.

When things break you can always contact us.

There will also be a new addition to the admin side of WordPress. Site status and information will be a part of the update. This includes a new screen that will provide you with information about what the site is using, such as the plugins and themes that are installed, as well as any details about your hosting environment.

Plan ahead

How will you prepare? Maintainn has reached out to all clients who are currently on PHP version 5.5 or lower so we can set a plan in action.

We offer PHP audits, and with our Support Program, you can even get more work completed on your site. Or, if you are looking for something more long term, we also have some amazing maintenance plans you can explore. Consider combining these two options to make the most of your WordPress investment.

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