WordPress 5.0 Arrives November 19

wordpress 5 arrives november 19

The next big release of WordPress will be arriving just in time for the holidays! WordPress 5.0’s official release date is set as November 19 and will bring a pretty major change to the WordPress admin area with the addition of the new Gutenberg editor. This powerful, new content editor will give you even more control over how your content and pages look. Over the last few months, developers have been getting their plugins and themes ready for Gutenberg and now it’s your turn. Are you ready for Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a complete replacement for the current way content is managed in WordPress. When you create a blog post or page, you are using the WordPress editor to do that. Gutenberg is a complete rethink on how to manage that process.

The old editor allowed you to add and edit content, but Gutenberg will allow you to design how you want your content to appear using “blocks” or sections that allow you to do cool things like create big hero boxes, galleries, embed tweets, insert videos, data tables, and so much more. You’ll even be able to add widgets into content blocks! The possibilities are endless.

Still confused? An easy way to think of Gutenberg is as a page builder, much like the Gutenberg Press that it’s named after.

With the release of WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg will be fully integrated with WordPress core going forward. It will be the new editor you see when you log into your WordPress admin area and edit your content. While this is a pretty major change from a standpoint where content creation is concerned, everything else in WordPress core will remain the same.

If you don’t like the new editor or need a little more time to get ready, you’ll still be able to switch back to the old editor. While most of the major plugins and themes have been updating in anticipation for WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg, there may still be some issues that come up. Keep in mind that Maintainn is ready and here to help.

Gutenberg will bring a lot of new tools to WordPress sites that will help to elevate your content to the next level. While WordPress is time-tested, any major update like this can still introduce issues or bugs, especially when trying to make sure it’s compatible with all the themes and plugins available.

Don’t be intimated by these changes; change is good! Maintainn is ready and here to help. Stay informed and follow us for continued updates on Gutenberg. Contact us if you encounter any issues. We are always happy to help.

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2 thoughts on “WordPress 5.0 Arrives November 19”

  1. This major change will definitely be interesting. For my clients that haven’t needed much and are fairly self-maintained, the new editor functions will be welcome I’m sure. However, for those clients where a more custom install has happened and I’m already using more advanced themes and page builder functionality, I’m curious as to what kinds of pains I may see with the various page builder editors fighting with each other for control of the page content.

    1. Chrispian Burks

      It’s going to depend on the page builders for sure. Some of them have been furiously getting ready for Gutenberg but there’s gonna be some issues and growing pains I’m sure. Thankfully you’ll still be able to revert to the classic editor if that does come up on a client by client basis. Most themes should work just fine, it’s going to be the backend stuff that might get weird here and there. And themes will have to have support for styling of the blocks but that should be pretty straight forward.

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