The second annual WordCamp Lancaster is only three weeks away (February 28th, 2015!), and I’m lucky to be a co-organizer. With about 200 people, it’s a smaller conference, but last year it had great reception.

In 2014, there were about 160 attendees. We conservatively estimate a 25% increase this year–making for 200 total tickets.

Last year we held the venue at VisionCorp, a remarkable organization that provides assistance to the visually impaired. We marveled in the decadence of hundreds of gourmet breakfast donuts from The Fractured Prune (I’ll be stopping there on the 28th with 100% certainty). Last year’s event had a single track–a structure from which we now depart. This year, we have two tracks (User/Marketing, and Designer/Developer), and we’ve also moved the venue to a larger building to accommodate.

Held in the Southern Pennsylvania city of Lancaster (a charming city which is definitely not a group of conjoined haunted towns from a Stephen King novel), this WordCamp takes place in a region widely known for its population of Amish citizens and rolling hills of agriculture. Also, barns.

That’s right! We’ll be right in the heart of Amish country:

Downtown Lancaster
Downtown Lancaster

Not many people know this about me, but I’m Amish. Yes, it’s totes true.


I’m from a specific sect of the Amish called the CyberAmish, where we’re allowed to do cool things like make websites and eat pie.

Logo of the CyberAmish!
Logo of the CyberAmish!

Just kidding.They didn’t respond to my emails.

I aspire one day to be accepted into their Brotherhood–mostly for the pie and the astounding logo.

Let’s dig into the schedule of WordCamp Lancaster!

Here it is:

Time Session
8:30 Opening remarks, followed by Workshop: “Intro To Butter-Churning and Also the WP Settings API” – by Brother George
10 Look at a meadow maybe – all attendees, lead by Sister Mary (the Mary that has a son named Alfred, not the Mary that lives by the pond)
11 Think back to all of the drugs you did during Rumspringa – all attendeess
12 Panel: “How To Keep Your Laptop Charged When We Don’t Have Electricity” – various parishioners
1 Lunch at the giant spruce table
2 Advanced: “Why Steel-Reinforced Rubber Wheels are Lame, and Wooden Ones are Cool Even Though You Have to Replace Them All the Time, and How It Relates To JavaScript ES6 Modules” by Brother Henry, CTO, the barn by the hill
3 “Beards and Bonnets: What to Wear When Working With Multisite” – by Sister Mary (the Mary that lives by the pond, not the Mary that has a son named Alfred)
4 Wash pigs – all attendees
5 Keynote: “Maybe We Should, Like, Take Some Client Work, and Not Only Make Websites That Are About How To Make Furniture” – by Brother Jeff from the house that has moss on it.

Schedule here may appear differently than official conference calendar.

Maintainn is happy to be an Enterprise Sponsor this year, and I’ll have some excellent discount codes to give out!

Pull me aside with any questions about Maintainn (or the Amish?)! I’ll be the guy wearing a Maintainn shirt, churning butter north of the wheat field.

See you there!

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