Is your WordPress website out of date? When was the last time that you updated your themes and plugins?

Let Maintainn take care of that for you and trust that your website is updated consistently and securely backed up offsite in case of an emergency. We also monitor your website for security issues so that your site remains as secure as possible. For more information on our ongoing maintenance services, please check out our Plans page.

For existing maintenance plan subscribers, Maintainn is planning to update client websites to WordPress 5.1 on March 11, 2019. This update addresses several issues that the WordPress Core team has identified. It also includes a great new feature that prevents your Dashboard from becoming inaccessible after a plugin or theme creates a fatal error. This is a great new feature that allows for easier troubleshooting and problem solving when a plugin update or theme conflict arises.

Here are a few of the updates and changes that are included with WordPress 5.1:

  • Site Health: WordPress will start showing notices for websites that are running outdated versions of PHP and will prevent the installation of plugins that are not compatible with your version of PHP.
  • Editor Performance updates
  • Multisite Metadata
  • And more

If you are an existing client and have previously chosen to refrain from updating to WordPress 5.0 (with Gutenberg), we will not be forcing you to update to 5.1. If this is the case and you would like to update to this new version, please let us know through one of our email support options so we can add your website to our update list.

For Enterprise Support clients, we will be including the update to 5.1 to our staging environments this week (March 6th and 7th) to allow for testing before pushing the updates to production environments the following week (March 12th).

If you have any issues after your website is updated to WordPress 5.1, please feel free to reach us through on of our email support options. We look forward to continuing to keep your WordPress site update, secured, and healthy.

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