Jaffe Worley

Technical Project Manager

Jaffe WorleyJaffe Worley joins the Maintainn team as a seasoned professional and multi-talented charismatic leader. Having over 20 years in the world of technology and 10 years in management and entrepreneurship, Jaffe brings his passion for the ever-evolving sector of tech with his love of being able to share and teach through his management style.

All around, Jaffe has worked with Fortune 500 companies to small startups. He was a CTO for a mobile app startup, Web Manager for Microsoft (and co-host of WebCamps TV for Microsoft’s Channel9), taught HTML, CCS, and Javascript at the college level, and also held the title of Director of Ongoing Client Support and Business Development for an international web development company. People still follow his tutorials on YouTube and he is considered one of the original WordPress junkies.

Outside of these great feats, Jaffe’s professional and personal experiences have shown him a wide range of life through his pursuits as a musician, a magician (no, seriously – he can make cards disappear and stuff), to sales manager, locksmith, bartender, and pest control specialist. He even is a veteran of the U.S. Army.

Jaffe is excited to be joining WDS and learn from his fellow colleagues. Having already spent many years working directly with members of the WebDevStudios staff, he is honored to be a part of the team and help the company in its forward success.

Having traveled internationally and lived in numerous cities around the US, Seattle is the city he calls home. When he isn’t binge learning on Lynda or YouTube, you can find him on the back of his motorcycle headed to the mountains to unplug.

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