Allen McNichols

Support Technician

At eight years old, Allen took apart his first computer and put it back together. It was an IBM Clone 286 and weighed about as much as a boat anchor, but it was his. Allen created a program in GW-BASIC to help his parents keep track of items sold at their yard sale. Since that time, Allen loves to troubleshoot and pull things apart to see how they tick.

In 1997, a call came in from a relative in Washington who had managed to delete her entire hard drive and could not get her computer to boot from the CD-ROM. Over the course of about two hours over the phone, Allen was able to walk her step by step through getting it back up and running with Windows 95 reinstalled. Not a bad job for a kid who was only 13.

After graduating college in 2014, Allen found himself stretching that skill of phone support with a local company called IDX Broker. Just one year later, and Allen was offered the opportunity to be the support technician for the newly acquired WordPress company Agent Evolution. Over the course of the next few years, Allen would find that his love for helping people and troubleshooting would take their support to new heights.

Allen is originally from Carlin, Nevada but he has lived in other places such as Tonopah, Ogden, Las Vegas, Philomath, Springfield, and Eugene. Allen is married to a wonderful woman and they have two adorable children. It isn’t all work and computers though. You can find Allen and his family camping or fishing all over Oregon, as they enjoy the outdoors.

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