Prepare Your WordPress Website for the Holidays

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The holiday season is upon us and that means there will be a lot more people out on the internet looking for deals that make their shopping more convenient and joyous. This also means that your own website needs to be ready for an increase in traffic and new visitors looking for a reason to return. In fact, it is expected that more than 50% of all purchases made this year will be made online versus traditional big box or brick and mortar stores. Use these tips to prepare your WordPress website for the holidays.

Improve User Experience

Photo image of a man looking at his laptop with a frustrated look on his face.Shoppers today are very skittish when it comes to their web experience and if something doesn’t work quite the way they expect it should, they will only give it a few tries before they try to find another website where they can complete their shopping easier. Now is the time to make sure that your WordPress site is up-to-date and that its features work the way that the average person would expect them to. Many times, just asking a friend or relative to try using your website can open your eyes to problems you never knew you had.

Speed It Up

Photograph of a red speed boat speeding on top of a body of water.Another thing that can directly impact your visitors is a slow website. If your website doesn’t deliver what they are looking for within seconds, many times the visitor thinks that the site is broken and they hit the back button or close the tab to your site. Make sure that your WordPress website has been optimized and is on a hosting provider that can handle the large amount of traffic without impacting the performance of your site. Another consideration here is to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that can cache your site and serve it from servers that are closer to where your visitors are making their requests to see your site.

Audit Your Payment Process

Photograph of a woman pulling a credit card from her wallet while sitting at a laptop.For eCommerce sites, another thing to take notice of is how your payment system is operating. Are there any kinks in the system where a shopper could run into snags and not be able to complete their payment easily? With the new regulations in place by the GDPR, is your site compliant with these new regulations as well as being PCI compliant? If you have any doubts about either of those questions now is the time to make completely sure that you are adhering to all rules and regulations. The last thing any business wants this time of year is to end up on the news for a leak of personal information.

Schedule Sales

Photograph of a man in a gray suit holding a red alarm clock.We all have lives off the internet and nobody wants to be stuck in the office trying to get all of their sales items up on the website. One of the great benefits of having a WordPress site is that you can schedule when these items are displayed on the site. That means that you can get all of your sales items queued up to post when you want them to be seen on the site without having to go in and manually hit that publish button.

Many eCommerce solutions also have an option for coupon codes and pricing controls that you can set up to have special holiday sales. Taking this a step further, you could also set up scheduled sale posts with your social media platforms to share those same deals automatically.

Set your website up for a season of success by taking time now to prepare your WordPress website for the holidays. Make sure your website checks all the boxes outlined above, but if you need help getting everything in order, contact us.

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