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Photograph of a basketball sitting still on an orange, white, and gray basketball court, used as a featured image for a WordPress maintenance plan and support hours program discount for the month of March.

March Maintenance – Support Program and Enterprise Plan Discounts

With end of life dates for PHP 5.6 and 7.0 in the record books, hosting companies are now starting to implement mandatory PHP upgrades to 7.2 (or newer) putting some WordPress websites at risk for critical failure. Has your WordPress website been affected by this PHP madness? Have no fear. Maintainn has you covered with ...
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WordPress Updated to Version 4.9.8

Much like the sun rising tomorrow, you can count on the team at Automattic and individual contributors to continually improve WordPress and the team at Maintainn to keep your websites up-to-date. This time, it is WordPress version 4.9.8 breaking over the horizon. Let’s take a look at what this new version of WordPress offers, besides another jazz musician to explore (this time it is Billy ...
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Things to Know About the WordPress 4.9.7 Update

It’s officially summer here in North America, and with the change of seasons comes the release of the WordPress 4.9.7 update! Many WordPress contributors are currently focused on the planned roll-out for Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0, so there are no new features for clients nor developers in this update. Instead, 4.9.7 resolves a total of 17 bugs, including one where a logged-in user account could be ...
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WordPress Questions? Next #askMaintainn Twitter Event Is November 16

It turns out that people have reasonable WordPress questions for us and the #askMaintainn trend is catching on. On October 5, 2017, for one hour, Maintainn held the second #askMaintainn live Twitter event. Resident expert and Director of Client Services, Jim Byrom, played host, as he knowledgeably answered sincere questions and gracefully managed the friendly heckles of fellow WordPress experts. It was all in good ...
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Client Spotlight: 50CAN

50CAN is a nonprofit organization on a mission to advocate for high-quality education for all children. Because the group's efforts are focused on the local level, 50CAN is comprised of 11 campaign states, as well as its own headquarters. This multistate organization requires a WordPress Multisite network of 12 websites; all of which are maintained by the team at Maintainn. Lead by passionate educators, parents, ...
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Next #askMaintainn Twitter Event: October 5, Noon PDT

On August 24, 2017, Maintainn conducted our first ever live Twitter chat event. Dubbed and hashtagged #askMaintainn, this inaugural social media event was hosted by Brad Williams (@williamsba), CEO of WebDevStudios, our parent company. We invited current Maintainn clients and the general public to ask their pertinent WordPress and Maintainn questions. Here's what was asked and what was answered. Q: What's the biggest change you've seen in how ...
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You Should Own All Your Website Licenses

You own your website, right? Of course you do. That's a silly question, but what if it isn't? What if you don't really own all of your website because you don't own all of its licenses? Consider this: did you hire a freelancer or agency to help set up and configure parts of the website? Did they say to you, "We need to buy these ...
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