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A photograph of four horses racing at a horse race, with three fairly at the same place and the fourth coming in from behind. This image is used as a featured image for a blog post about speeding up WordPress.

Speeding Up WordPress

How fast your website loads matters. It's an often overlooked aspect of your site. There are a number of factors that can contribute to a slow WordPress website including hosting, how your site is set up, how much traffic you get, and other factors that may be beyond your control. So why does your site's ...
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WordPress 5.0 Arrives November 19

The next big release of WordPress will be arriving just in time for the holidays! Wordpress 5.0's official release date is set as November 19 and will bring a pretty major change to the WordPress admin area with the addition of the new Gutenberg editor. This powerful, new content editor will give you even more control over how your content and pages look. Over the ...
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Announcing New WordPress Maintenance Plans

We have some exciting changes to announce here at Maintainn! As of October 1, 2018, our WordPress maintenance plans have been improved and our website has received a face lift with our new Plans page. Maintenance Plans Changes Premium Support is now Standard Support. Great for bloggers and personal websites that only need the essentials: security, backups and updates. Premium+ Support is now Professional Support. Perfect for business websites ...
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What to Do When Your Website Is Held Hostage

It's a situation that no one wants to be in, and one that we hope none of our loved ones are ever faced with. No, I am not talking about embarrassing photos on social media. I am referring to your personal or business website being held captive. Before we consider bringing in Liam Neeson, let's look at the topic a bit closer. It may feel like ...
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Gutenberg Arrives with WordPress 5.0

You may have already heard the buzz and maybe even some of the fierce debates. The next major release of WordPress, version 5.0, projected to be released later in 2018, is going to include a new editing experience called “Gutenberg.” Specifically, Gutenberg will replace the editor that you’ve become accustomed to when editing Pages and Posts on your website, TinyMCE. See below: As the editor ...
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WordPress Updated to Version 4.9.8

Much like the sun rising tomorrow, you can count on the team at Automattic and individual contributors to continually improve WordPress and the team at Maintainn to keep your websites up-to-date. This time, it is WordPress version 4.9.8 breaking over the horizon. Let’s take a look at what this new version of WordPress offers, besides another jazz musician to explore (this time it is Billy ...
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Things to Know About the WordPress 4.9.7 Update

It’s officially summer here in North America, and with the change of seasons comes the release of the WordPress 4.9.7 update! Many WordPress contributors are currently focused on the planned roll-out for Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0, so there are no new features for clients nor developers in this update. Instead, 4.9.7 resolves a total of 17 bugs, including one where a logged-in user account could be ...
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