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Maintainn is thrilled to announce newly added WordPress services to our roster of WordPress solutions, making us your one-stop website shop. After years of offering WordPress maintenance and support, Maintainn now features WordPress hosting and Small Business Design.

WordPress Hosting Services

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Stop researching the internet for the “best WordPress hosting services,” and simply rely on the same company you use to support your site—us! With WordPress Hosting Services provided by Maintainn, your website receives 200 GB of bandwidth monthly, 4 GB of storage per month, nightly backups, and the ability to handle 20,000 visitors each month.

You also receive:

  • Staging environment
  • SSL certificate
  • Dedicated VPS
  • CDN integration
  • And free migration (with yearly billing)

Plus, our WordPress hosting services are perfect for your WordPress Multisite website. Pay monthly or annually. We make it easy. Subscribe today.

Small Business Web Design

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Whether you are a startup in need of a new website or an established small business simply in need of a website refresh, the small business web design team at Maintainn can have your new site up and running in as little as four weeks.

Our small business websites are designed to be mobile-friendly and cost-saving. After launch, we don’t disappear on you. Subscribe to one of our maintenance plans, and we’ll make sure your new website is kept secure and up-to-date to offer you peace of mind.

Maintainn listens to you, the small business owner. We make a plan based on your business needs. We design something amazing, and then we deliver quickly and efficiently. We will create a website your customers will love and keep them coming back for more. Take a look at what our design team can do for you and let’s start your project today.

All Your WordPress Services Under One Roof

We know that you have a business to operate. Do you really have the time to worry about and tend to your website every single day? Let our team do the heavy lifting for you. Hosting, design, security, maintenance, development and technical support—we do it all.

At Maintainn, we have the experience, know-how, and have earned the trust of many other clients. You can be among them. Contact us now and let’s discuss your website needs.

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