Making Magic at Maintainn: Our Services Just Got Better!

After many years of offering amazing WordPress support services at competitive prices, has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide our customers with an easy solution for managing their WordPress support plan. By utilizing the power of Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), clients can now maintain their Maintainn account from one place. See how simple it is:

  • Purchase multiple support plans in a single transaction
  • Add multiple support services to multiple WordPress websites
  • Store all details under one account
  • Resubmit site specific information securely
  • Update billing details without sending an email

These are very exciting times and we’re happy to share them with you.

A Fresh Redesign

We’re very fortunate to have a parent company like WebDevStudios. We were able to utilize their Project Life Cycle in order to meet our launch date. Creative Lead Cameron “The Beard” Campbell started us off in the design process. He worked with us to get an understanding of our design requirements based on our current website data and structure. Walking Cameron through the easy process of obtaining a WordPress support account he was able to get a better understanding of the important details every customer needs to know.

We have to provide Cameron with a huge shout out. Halfway through the design process, we changed gears in order to solve some simple flaws in our new customer intake process. Our developers installed four new WordPress plugins and configured the functionality. Cameron adapted and came back to us with a newly purposed final mock-up. We couldn’t have done it without his team.

Doing Something Never Done

When people think of WordPress e-commerce, they often think of WooCommerce. Not only is it one of the most popular plugins on WordPress to date, but WooCommerce offers many solutions to meet many needs.

When we first started to imagine how our new customer intake process would work, we immediately turned to WooCommerce. However, there is another big player in the WordPress plugin ecosystem often overlooked: Easy Digital Downloads. Let’s look at why we have turned to EDD to provide us with the means to simplify our client services.

EDD is an e-commerce solution with a focus on helping website owners sell digital goods such as software, downloads, and online deliverables. Maintainn doesn’t actually sell a product, like the ones just mentioned. However, every client does receive a copy of our famous Maintainn Tools and Maintainn Client plugins. Maintainn Tools is a free plugin on the WordPress Plugins Repository. When there is an update ready for release, Michael Beckwith uses git to push the new version.

But, Maintainn Client is a different story. This plugin is an extension/add-on for the Maintainn Tools plugin. There are a few extra things to this plugin that allows our support staff to diagnose and debug a WordPress site faster than before. It also allows each client to send our support staff a new request directly from inside their WordPress website. However, we had an issue with it: updating the code inside of the plugin. We were using something like Github to push out a new version of the plugin. It worked well-ish for awhile, but we wanted a better way. That’s when we incorporated EDD into our operations.

Important Information Uses One Key

Relying on EDD allows us to connect a software license to each download/support service we offer. It’s pretty simple actually.

  1. A new client purchases a support plan from Maintainn.
  2. Once payment has been processed, our site issues a support license key.
  3. This key provides important data to our staff and the client.
  4. The license key is added to our Maintainn Client plugin.

Now, anytime we release a new version of our plugin, we simply upload it to our WordPress website and click Update. Within 30 seconds, every single Maintainn Client plugin installed on every customer’s website is ready to be updated.

The Support License Key also helps our staff keep track of which sites belong to each client. Each time a client sends a new support request from their WordPress website, our Maintainn Client plugin sends over some data with it, including the license key, site details, and customer information. With the help of EDD, our staff no longer needs to bounce between spreadsheets and previous support tickets.

Your Information in One Secure Spot

Previously, our clients had to send us an email in order to update their billing/contact information, change their support plan, or simply change the password to log into our client portal. Once again, EDD came to our rescue. Now, our clients just log into their account on our site using the login button next to our navigation menu located at the top of our site. Once logged in, our clients can update their login credentials, upgrade their support plan, update their billing information, and even cancel their support from one secure location.

This Is Where the Magic Happens… is now 99% WordPress. Why 99%? We do not handle our own payment processing. To be fair, almost every site uses a third-party payment processor. Everything before and after the payment process happens on our site. That’s how we keep our costs as low as possible.

When you consider all the improvements we’ve made, it’s hard to believe that this is just the beginning. Our staff is constantly looking for ways to optimize our support services. With a partner like Easy Digital Downloads, our WordPress support services will continue to grow and offer new features.

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