Did you recently take advantage of our Support Program Special at Maintainn and purchase support hours? Welcome! We’re glad you’re here and want to help you as much as we can. Perhaps you have been with Maintainn for some time and are now realizing that we offer WordPress services you hadn’t noticed before. We’re grateful for you, too. I want to highlight some of these services we offer that maybe don’t get mentioned enough so that you can get the most out of Maintainn and prime your WordPress site to be all that it can be.

Now, if you’ve been with us for awhile, you may remember support hours being called “bulk hours” or “development time.” It is now known as Development and Technical Services. Through this WordPress service, you can buy incremental development time (support hours) that can be used for whatever sort of custom work you want.

That statement’s a bit open-ended. What is custom work? Read below for some clarification, and discover the benefits of Maintainn’s WordPress services. Plus, learn about some common custom tasks that we regularly perform for our customers. Some of them just might interest you as much-needed enhancements for your WordPress website.

SSL/HTTPS Implementation

Privacy and online security are always hot topics, but perhaps never more so than now. If you run any sort of eCommerce store, security is a requirement by law. People want to know that your website and their interaction on it are secure. One of the easiest ways to do that is to get your site set up with an SSL certificate—one of the ways you can benefit from Maintainn’s WordPress services.

In the past, this was often costly, cumbersome, and to certain degrees, a premium feature. In recent years though, services have cropped up that made certificates not only free for the masses, but have also streamlined the process of implementing them. Many hosting providers have begun integrating their own services with the certificate providers to make it simple to get your own secured domain.

Hosting providers who utilize the services will even help manage the renewal process for you. With that peace of mind, they’re allowing you to sit back and relax, knowing you’re covered. There’s no reason to be missing reassuring, green, padlock in your address bar when visiting your site, regardless if your WordPress site is an eCommerce or not.

Spring Cleaning and Performance

Much like we do spring cleaning after a long winter, cooped up inside our living quarters, we also occasionally need to do the same for our websites. Maintainn has the capabilities and the team to help facilitate some digital spring cleaning.

Perhaps your hosting provider is contacting you about your account’s space reaching capacity. Perhaps you’re finding it really difficult to navigate your site. Perhaps you feel your site needs a fresh coat of paint. These are all WordPress services that Maintainn can look into and provide expert recommendations for possible steps forward.

If you find that your website feels clunky and slow, and visitors are letting you know that they had a less than ideal experience when browsing from their phone, we can be there for you. With some initial performance tests, we can look at the reported data and provide you information for educated recommendations aimed to boost that user experience. Once next steps are agreed upon, those plans will be executed using our Support Program.

Fixing Broken Functionality and Adding New Functionality

Simply put… bugs happen. Functionality can break as the software we use evolves. It’s not your fault. Sometimes, issues stem from previously created custom functionality by a previous developer. Sometimes, issues stem from a newly released update to a popular plugin. Both cases can utilize support hours, as needed.

When custom functionality is involved, Maintainn can go in, review, and analyze the current situation. With this particular WordPress service, we can provide estimates to implement solutions that will resolve the issues.

When the bugs come from the annual updates service provided in your maintenance plan, we will roll the offending update(s) back to the previous version and begin investigating the source of the issue and what may need to be done to resolve it. This way, we can prepare your website to once again receive that update attempt without the site breaking a repeated time.

Maintainn can also provide estimates for brand new features that you would like to have for your website. Say you wanted to have your social media content shown in a sidebar or footer, or you’ve started a newsletter that you want to prompt users with, or maybe you want something even more elaborate that I can’t even begin to imagine for the sake of this post, all you need to do is reach out to Maintainn with the details of what you’d like. We will provide estimates as to how long we think it would take to implement.

What If We Don’t Use All of My Purchased Time?

One of the benefits of our Support Program is that whatever time you purchase is yours. As long as you have a current maintenance plan with Maintainn, any unused support time remains available to you indefinitely. Say we estimate a task out to be 10 hours and a purchase for 10 hours is made. Partway through, we stumble upon a better solution that was not part of the original estimate. That new solution results in the task being finished in only six hours. The remaining four hours continue to be available to you until used. It could be a quick task or two down the road, or it could be rolled in to a different, larger feature that you want to implement. The time does not go away.

If at some point you do decide to part ways with a maintenance plan with Maintainn, that time will still remain, with a caveat of it expiring after a year. Without a current Maintainn maintenance plan, support hours do have a limited life cycle, which starts on the day that services parting are finalized.

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Hopefully, we will see you soon. Our mission is your success.

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