Maintainn Tools: A Free Plugin from Maintainn

At Maintainn, we do it all so that our clients never have to worry about their WordPress investment again. And in doing so, we developed a nifty suite of tools that helps us easily and efficiently manage our clients’ websites. Now, we have made a similar suite of tools available to everyone, whether they are a Maintainn client or not. It’s called Maintainn Tools. And it’s free!

“Any WordPress user, from beginner to advanced, who is looking to maintain the health of their WordPress site will want to rely on Maintainn Tools,” advises Director of Products, John Hawkins. “It’s a handy tool that allows a website owner, or the developer working for him or her, to check that their WordPress Core files have not been compromised.”

Specifically, with Maintainn Tools, you can:

  • See a top level view of your entire WordPress install. Not only can you analyze your site, but you can even enter the email of your developer or support tech so they, too, can see a top-level view of your install. Plus, it provides helpful information about your server. How cool is that?

  • Scan your site and ensure the WordPress Core files have not been altered. Many times, when a site gets hacked, hackers will alter files on your server to inject code that runs without your knowledge. This tool compares the WordPress Core files on your server against the original core files found on If they don’t match, you know it’s time to call in an expert.


  • Manage plugins. If you have multiple users logging into your site, you can keep plugins locked so other users do not update them without you knowing about it. After all, you may want to test an update before activating it.

  • Add notes to each plugin. Why would you want to add a note to your plugin? Keeping a record of plugins and how they affect your site with each update will help you better regulate the health of your site.

“If there is anything wrong with your WordPress site, Maintainn Tools will help you find exactly what that is,” John says. “Plus, the plugin is in constant development, so in time, we will be adding more helpful features.”

To download Maintainn Tools, just visit the Plugin repository at

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