The Maintainn March Madness continues…but instead of basketball, it’s WordPress and DISCOUNTS!

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As I’m sure you’ve already heard, we’ve been offering 35% off of our monthly maintenance and support plans (User code: GETSUPPORT). We’ve made it easy for you to focus your time where it matters–on your business, with your customers, doing the work that demands your attention most.

We don’t just offer monthly services, though; we also offer development hours that can be used for a variety of small tweaks, customizations, and fixes that your site desperately needs. Our dev hours have always come with a little discount when purchased in bulk, but we’re upping the ante and offering a massive discount for a limited period of time.

Until the end of March, Maintainn is offering ten hours of custom development for $1000, which is a five hundred dollar discount from the usual cost. Whether you have one little thing you need fixed up, or want something cool built for your site, we can handle it. If you’re ready to take us up on this offer, you can sign up here.

Even if you don’t have something in mind right now, the hours don’t expire; they are yours to keep until you’re ready to move forward and make something amazing.

We look forward to hearing from you! And if you have questions that we haven’t addressed, shoot them our way.

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