Maintainn Joins WebDevStudios

To improve and grow our existing WordPress support and maintenance services, we’re very excited to finally announce the news that Maintainn has been acquired by WebDevStudios, a WordPress design and development agency with a large team of dedicated and experienced WordPress developers and designers. This will have an immediate impact towards improving our service offerings, as well complimenting and strengthening the support and maintenance services that WebDevStudios brings to their client base.  This relationship is a win-win all the way around and we couldn’t be more thrilled to become part of the WebDevStudios team!

Who is WebDevStudios?

WebDevStudios is a website development company that focuses on custom WordPress website and plugin development, providing custom solutions for clients like Microsoft, WEtv, Discovery Channel, Wharton University, University of Pennsylvania, Kaspersky Antivirus and more.

The leadership team at WebDevStudios literally wrote the book on WordPress, with over 8 best-selling books on the topic of WordPress design, development and training users on how to use the software as a content management system for their own online publishing needs.

The WebDevStudios team prides itself on the contributions it makes to the WordPress community and love to create new and innovative features that change the way websites are designed and developed. WebDevStudios’ team is passionate about the work they do and work extremely hard to ensure that our clients are happy.

Why is this happening?

Maintainn has worked, closely, with WebDevStudios over the past year by contracting with them to help support their WordPress client support and maintenance needs.  WebDevStudios recognized that we have built a pretty fantastic service here at Maintainn and we have the infrastructure, team, skills and experience to help them continue to build and grow the support they offer their clients.  Building that relationship and partnership with WebDevStudios has been something that our team here at Maintainn has truly enjoyed and that is what makes this partnership even more exciting, moving forward.

What will change?

Existing Maintainn customers will not see many changes in their current services, with the exception of new faces and names from the WebDevStudios team.  WebDev has a large team of designers and developers who have a high level of experience and skill around WordPress – their team adds to ours and gives you the confidence and peace of mind that you have a large team of WordPress experts working on your site, which will, in the future, allow Maintainn to offer better services, more benefits and awesome new things to come!

What will the future hold?

go-farThe sky is the limit! Being part of the WDS team will allow us to grow our services and go further than we could alone. There are many things already being planned to make our services the best they can possibly be so stay tuned and watch as we grow with the incredible team at WDS.

Read the official announcement from WebDevStudios.

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