Get Ready for the Release of WordPress 5.0

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We have some exciting news to share! It was just announced that WordPress 5.0 will be available this Thursday, December 6th. If you haven’t heard, this new version of WordPress will come with Gutenberg – the new block editor experience for managing content. Gutenberg is a monumental shift away from the traditional WYSIWYG editor that has been in WordPress for over a decade.

While Gutenberg will be an exciting new way to manage content, it is a brand new technology. The community of developers involved in building Gutenberg, several major plugin maintainers, and all of us here at Maintainn, recommend installing and activating the Classic Editor plugin before upgrading to WordPress 5.0. The Classic Editor plugin will preserve the current editing experience, and allow the dust to settle as Gutenberg gains traction and issues around performance and accessibility are addressed.

Next Steps

Over the next two weeks, Maintainn will install and activate the Classic Editor plugin on all client websites prior to performing the upgrade to WordPress 5.0 towards the latter part of December. If you are subscribed to our Enterprise Support plan, please note that this process will be different and a separate announcement will be posted in your Basecamp project with more details.

We also have a full Gutenberg preparedness audit that can help identify if there any issues with your website prior to the upgrade and we can provide a list of recommendation to ensure your website will work with this release as anticipated. We can also schedule training for your team to learn more about how to use the new editor experience in your WordPress website. Both of these services can be facilitated with a handful of hours purchased through our Support Hours Program.

If you have any issues with your website after these actions are performed or if you have any questions regarding the Gutenberg audit/training services we offer, please submit a ticket through the Support tab within your Maintainn Client dashboard or reach out to us using our Contact form.

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