FREE WordPress Support Is a Labor of Love


A global pandemic is bound to leave small business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent bloggers feeling stressed and forsaken. The truth is you’re not alone. Better yet, you have Maintainn right alongside you to support the success of your WordPress website. We are here for you, and we are in this together!

That’s why Maintainn is offering FREE support between September 3-18, 2020. It’s time for the Labor of Love special promotion to come to the rescue and offer you some help. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the Maintainn Support Program page.
  2. Fill out the purchasing form.
  3. Select the number of hours you want to purchase. (To qualify for Labor of Love, choose a minimum of five hours and a maximum of 20.)
  • Buy 5 WordPress support hours, get 1 free
  • Buy 10 WordPress support hours, get 2 free
  • Buy 15 WordPress support hours, get 3 free
  • Buy 20 WordPress support hours, get 4 free

Lastly, and this is the important part:

Use discount code Labor2020 to receive your free hour(s).

That’s it! So easy. This is an amazing opportunity to accomplish a variety goals you have for your website, such as:

  • Fix a bug
  • Create a new web page
  • Add a new form
  • Optimize performance
  • Website audit

Your business is a labor of love and so is our effort to make your website and business successful. Let’s work together to enhance your website and improve its ability to engage your website visitors and convert them into devoted customers. Take advantage of the Labor of Love special promotion today. Strengthen your website, strengthen the foundation of your business, and secure the success of your future. We look forward to supporting you and providing ongoing maintenance and support your WordPress website.

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