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The most recent project from Maintainn Internal Fridays is Custom Styles for Gravity Forms. This plugin allows a user to select basic CSS styles for gravity forms, without writing any actual CSS.

Upon activation, you’re presented with some fairly simple customization options, available in Forms –> Custom Styles:

A few of the available options
A few of the available options

Using this plugin, you can customize the following:

  • General input styles (text color, border color, background color, border-size, and border radius)
  • Paragraph/textarea styles (same options)
  • Submit button default styles (same options)
  • Submit button hover/focus styles (same options)
  • A custom AJAX spinner url
  • Any custom CSS you’d like to add

We’ve got more plans for the plugin that we’ll be adding shortly, and of course, pull requests are certainly welcome.

Of all options we’re planning to implement, the one that strikes a chord strongest with me is this. But that discussion is for another day 🙂

Please let us know your thoughts!

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11 thoughts on “Custom Styles for Gravity Forms”

  1. Hi, thanks for this awesome plugin – works great.
    I’m often surprised at how well Gravity forms does in the marketplace in spite of being so user-unfriendly to the consumer – it’s really aimed at people who can use CSS or working with a developer.

  2. I really look forward to trying this. Thank you! It solves a problem I had perfectly. Gravity Forms should buy it from you for at least $150,000 🙂

  3. Amazing. Support from Gravity forms stinks. Is there a way to add additional fields to this? for instance, making input text boxes larger, font size? and field width?

    Thank you!!!

  4. Hey,

    Thanks for developing this plugin; it looks great.

    Unfortunately, I can’t get it to work. I did enable the custom styles in the form I wanted to apply the custom styles to, but nothing happens. I am using the Divi Theme.

    Next question: is it also possible to enable a individual custom style to different forms?

    Kind regards and thank you in advance,


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