You know that friend or relative you have that just seems to know all the latest news happening in sports and pop culture before anyone else does? More than likely, they’re getting all their information from The Comeback.

Considered one of the leading sources of sports and pop culture news, The Comeback updates its site daily with new content that inspires its visitors to return regularly. Knowing that their readership is large and loyal, it is a true honor for Maintainn to play a role in keeping The Comeback’s WordPress website healthy and ready to satisfy the needs of its hungry fans.

If you have yet to discover why The Comeback needs to be a part of your daily digestion, keep reading to learn more about this popular site.

The Subscriber: The Comeback

The Comeback follows on the heels of sister website, which publishes over 50 sports media-related articles a month. However, The Comeback is more of a blend of sports and pop culture. Ben Koo, Editor-in-Chief, believes that over time, it will gain the same audience as Awful Announcing.

Covering NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, NHL, and general pop culture, such as television series and movies, The Comeback successfully offers website visitors quality content, storytelling, and reporting, but also provides a whole lot of fun (Starbucks-themed cleats, anyone?).

“Sports definitely brings its own breed of fandom,” says Ben. “Your favorite team can bring you unexpected joy but at the same time crush your spirits without any notice.”

So, if you are in need of a companion to experience those highs and lows with, the team at The Comeback may be what you need.

Before Subscribing to Maintainn…

“Oh, lord. We had design issues, performance issues,” laments Ben. “We really didn’t think too much about mobile and tablet in our previous iteration, so we really had to emphasize that going forward. We really needed to cross pollinate our sites and articles so readers would be more likely to stay on our sites longer.”

After Subscribing to Maintainn…

Well, let’s go back just a little bit. The Comeback originally began as a redesign project at WebDevStudios (WDS), the parent company of Maintainn.

Ben reports that WDS and Maintainn as a team have been able to address and relieves The Comeback’s pain points, improving the mobile look dramatically (see example below).

“We’ve made progress across the board with the expertise and execution of Maintainn to adapt to the ever-changing viewing habits of the web,” he says.

Coming Soon to The Comeback

The site just continues to grow and gain in popularity, with its digital network, NESN, launching new sites and adding new writers to its already talented staff.

“We’re excited about our ability to entertain and inform readers,” says Ben. And as The Comeback’s WordPress support service provider, we’re excited to witness and be involved with its success.

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