Client Spotlight: Lemi Shine

What kind of a Clean Freak are you?

Cleaning brand Lemi Shine is determined to satisfy the needs of every type of clean freak out there. Powered by 100% natural citric extracts, Lemi Shine operates off the conviction that household cleaners should be both powerful and safe.

That’s pretty much how Maintainn feels about websites. They should be performant and secure. Providing WordPress support and maintenance services for a company like Lemi Shine gives us the warm (and clean) fuzzies. So we invite you to take a moment to get to know Lemi Shine and learn why we’re proud to maintain this brand’s website.

The Subscriber: Lemi Shine

Family-owned and operated straight out of West Texas, the Eggemeyers faithfully sold their farm to begin a brand that harmoniously and successfully combines cleanliness with safety. Today, Lemi Shine is a complete line of cleaning products for use on dishes, laundry, appliances, and the general household. The line even includes products that are professional grade level. Amazed? We are.

The Eggemeyer family knows that keeping a clean home is important, but keeping your family safe from harsh and toxic chemicals is, too. That’s why Lemi Shine works diligently to ensure that your household is clean freak-clean, while keeping your family safe and sound.

The Lemi Shine website is chockful of information that goes beyond being educational. It’s downright entertaining. For example, are you an active pinner? Follow Lemi Shine on Pinterest and learn cleaning hacks and which products to use to make life easier and more organized.

Coupon much? Lemi Shine features a whole page of coupons on its website. Print now and save money later.

One of our favorite website features is the Where to Buy product locator. Simply enter your zip code and find a store near you that carries Lemi Shine. Now that’s being a proactive Clean Freak!

Before Subscribing to Maintainn…

Making the decision to utilize Maintainn’s service was less about challenges that Lemi Shine was facing and more about creating efficiency. Most businesses find out the hard way: managing, updating, and optimizing a brand’s website is a full-time position.

“We could have brought another team member on board but chose to partner with Maintainn to gain access to their team of developers,” explains Lemi Shine Creative Director, Chris Merriam. “At a cost of a little more than $3 a day, it was an easy decision to make. Fostering relationships with high value service providers, like Maintainn, has been key to the success of the Lemi Shine Marketing Team.”

After Subscribing to Maintainn…

“Hiring Maintainn allowed us to focus on other areas of the business without having to worry about site maintenance or fixing unforeseen problems,” says Chris. Website issues no longer side track the Clean Freaks at Lemi Shine.

“With one email, support team member, Michael, typically has the issue resolved within a day (sometimes within the hour!),” he says.

Lemi Shine heavily depends on third-party services, such as the one utilized to operate the previously mentioned Where to Buy locator. Maintainn has the capacity to manage these types of integrations and support Lemi Shine’s efforts to provide a seamless and positive Clean Freak user experience across the entire site.

Coming Soon to Lemi Shine

Something new and innovative is always coming out of the Lemi Shine lab (which we suspect is the cleanest lab around). One of the newest product launches this year is the Lemi Shine® Laundry Detergent Booster.

This new booster not only gives Clean Freaks whiter, brighter results, but also contains FunkGuard™, which is a proprietary ingredient that eliminates odors in the wash and prevents odors in your clothes while you wear them. Clothes smell fresher and cleaner longer. After all, this summer promises to be a warm and sweaty one, and we think the Laundry Detergent Booster is a product that could benefit us all!

Gratify your inner Clean Freak by joining the Clean Freak Club. Signup is located on the Lemi Shine home page. Receive coupons and product updates directly to your inbox and remain committed to clean freakness all year round.

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