Client Spotlight: Our Green Nation

We have a stellar client list at Maintainn, comprised of businesses both big and small and from a variety of industries. Serving as their website maintenance provider, we are exposed daily to the impressive things they do. Our internal team conversations often consist of declarations of amazement, informing other team members of the “neat” or “cool” stuff that our various clients are creating, selling, or providing.

Simply put, we work with outstanding brands. And we want to tell you about them. That’s why we created Client Spotlight. In this series of blog posts, you will get to meet and learn about Maintainn subscribers. Today, the spotlight is on the wellness community website Our Green Nation and its Founder, Leya Nicolait.

The Subscriber: Our Green Nation

Our Green Nation is the first health, wellness and wellbeing social media community. “We connect people who are looking for high quality integrative wellness information with those who are providing it,” explains Leya. “We set standards that guide content contributor selection and do not let anyone post anything – effectively keeping the quality level high.”

Leya was working as National Director for an organic skin care line, training North America’s top destination resort spas, while she was also going to school for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. During her travels, it became clear to her that very few people understood the connection between what they consume and how it can accelerate the deterioration of their health.

“There is a lot of great information out there, but there is equal or more misinformation, industry funded studies, shady marketing or PR, and just outright scams,” Leya declares. “So I was inspired to put it all on one place to make it easy for the average person to find and give them a brand they could trust that was benchmarked with standards. Thus, was born.”  

For those people who long to live a healthier, fuller, richer life, you can confidently expect to find your tribe at the website. Gain insight and share insight. No hooks, no catch. Plus, it’s free to join!

Before Subscribing to Maintainn…

Leya reports that Our Green Nation had a very challenging build with two different development houses. The whole project took at least twice as long as projected and ended up costing double the amount she initially anticipated.

“Sometimes small fixes would go on for days… weeks… months,” she says. “Sometimes it felt like there were more meetings about planning to get things done than actual work being done. Deadlines were consistently pushed back. The lack of communication was frustrating at minimum. Good work, but no sense of urgency.”

After Subscribing to Maintainn…

For Leya, the difference has been night and day. “The Maintainn team has been on it from the start,” Leya says. “The project management tools are used well and there is constant follow up. If I could go back, I would wish to have started out with them. From the quality of work to timeliness, it’s a breath of fresh air!”

Coming Soon to Our Green Nation

The whole site is brand new and the network is only into month two of their soft-launch. “We will officially launch in September. All feedback is appreciated,” Leya says.

Go to Sign up for free and let them know what you think!


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