Client Spotlight: Foster Farms

Anytime a business entrusts Maintainn with the maintenance and support of their single WordPress website, we feel really honored and grateful. But when a business trusts us with multiple sites, well, you can only imagine the amount of pride that beams from our talented team.

The Subscribers: Foster Farms Turkey, Foster Farms Media, and Foster Farms to Deli

(Hungry, yet?)

Each site has its unique purpose. Foster Farms Turkey markets to the food service industry, such as restaurants, cafeterias, sandwich shops, schools and universities, and the military. The site is focused primarily on products and recipes that use those products and is geared toward anyone who serves food. In particular, we love the Menu Creations section of the site, because it features easy-to-make and tasty recipes that operators of food establishments can easily rely on to service their patrons. In fact, anyone interested could benefit from these nifty recipes.

Meanwhile, Foster Farms Media supports by offering a wide range of additional content, such as podcasts, videos, and a blog. So if recipes aren’t enough to get your mouth watering, then listening to chefs and restaurant managers talk about food should do it. The videos actually show professionals preparing food, like a Turkey Cherry Bomb sandwich.  

Foster Farms to Deli is a more focused site for operators of delis — either standalone shops or deli departments in grocery stores. This specific market is more focused on the sliceable kinds of products you might see in a deli case; so the website is oriented that way. With all three sites, visitors gain valuable (and delicious) product information, inspiration, and ideas on how to use pre-cooked and uncooked turkey. Recipes are also available at Foster Farms to Deli, such as this one on BBQ Turkey Sliders.

Before Subscribing to Maintainn…

All three sites are WordPress-based, which makes them relatively easy to manage, but technical issues do arise and Foster Farms lacks the technical resources to support them.

Foster Farms’ marketing and advertising consultant agency, Humble Pie Communications, has worked with Maintainn regarding other sites, so the company was confident in our ability to get their clients out of the occasional pickle (which goes great with a turkey sandwich, by the way).

“I value Maintainn as a consulting partner, who I frequently query about ideas or changes we’re considering,” says Bill Hornung, Marketing Consultant at Humble Pie Communications. “The advice and guidance are truly critical in keeping things running smoothly.”

Foster Farms’ multiple sites also required a secured login area for its sales team, where they can retrieve other content not readily available to the public.

“Maintainn suggested and implemented a simple but effective system that has work extremely well,” reports Bill. “We also changed hosting providers on the Turkey and Deli sites.  We couldn’t risk the transfer to amateurs. We needed the confidence it would get done right. Maintainn was a no brainer for this work.”

After Subscribing to Maintainn…

When it comes to website support, I look at results by noting what has NOT happened,” says Bill. “If you’re constantly dealing with support issues, something is wrong!”

Bill tells us that we have provided the Foster Farms sites with a great sense of relief by being proactive with backups and updates and going the extra mile to make sure things don’t go wrong in the first place.

“In the rare occasion something hiccups, usually because of something we’ve done, I know Maintainn will be quick to respond,” Bill says.

Coming soon to,, and

Every week, new content is added to the group of tasty sites. But the next big push will be in August during the Western Foodservice and Hospitality Food Show in Los Angeles. Foster Farms not only exhibits and demos products at the show, but the trusted brand also sponsors the major cooking competition for culinary high school teams. How cool is that?

Foster Farms will be creating a bunch of videos, podcast interviews with operators, and featuring coverage on the cooking competition. It sounds like some pretty delicious content will be available. Be sure to check back for it.

Foster Farms also continues to improve its integration of social media efforts.

“We’re especially looking at integrating Facebook Live video into the sites,” Bill informs us. “No doubt we’ll be asking Maintainn to help us through these updates in the near future!”

And, as always, we look forward to assisting with that.

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