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FREE WordPress Support Is a Labor of Love

A global pandemic is bound to leave small business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent bloggers feeling stressed and forsaken. The truth is you're not alone. Better yet, you have Maintainn right alongside you to support the success of your WordPress website. We are here for you, and we are in this together! That's why Maintainn is ...
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Apr 14 2014

Maintainn is growing support

Well, it's that time again - we're happy to announce another developer joining the Maintainn team! George Mamadashvili has been working with WordPress since version 2.8 and is actively involved in the WordPress community, and we're very excited to have him joining the Maintainn team. He was a core contributor for WordPress 3.4 as well as having contributed to various WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce, EDD, ...
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Apr 10 2014

WordCamp Austin 2014

It's that time again - WordCamp Austin is coming up April 26th and 27th and is going to be a great event! We love Austin and being fellow Texans we're always happy to support this camp. The speaker lineup looks great and includes our very own Ryan Duff and we'll be in attendance as well so look for some Maintainn goodies floating around. We'll also ...
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Feb 26 2014

Announcing Multisite Plugin CSV

There are a lot of Multisite plugins out there to display which plugins are active where on a Multisite install. Unfortunately none of them seem to display the data in a really usable format at large scale. However, one thing that does handle large data well is spreadsheets. This plugin takes a list of all available plugins on the site and outputs which plugins are ...
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Feb 18 2014

WordCamp Lancaster 2014

Hi! I'm Rami, the newest developer at Maintainn. I'm happy to announce that two developers from Maintainn, Ryan Duff and myself, will be attending and speaking at WordCamp Lancaster 2014. Lancaster is a small city west of Philadelphia. I've only been there once, but really loved it. Here's an old-timey photo of Lancaster: Source: What's lovely is that Lancaster is visually quite similar today: ...
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Feb 14 2014

Announcing Broken Site Checker

When managing large WordPress Multisite networks, it's easy for things to get unwieldy and out of control. One of the issues we've run into is the breaking of the network update when a domain can't be reached. Most of the time this seems to happen (from our experience) when domain mapping is used and a user stops renewing their domain, etc. As long as the ...
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Feb 10 2014

WordPress development for everyone

One thing we really like to do is talk to our clients and get feedback on pain points. We can have what we think are the best ideas possible but if those ideas aren't making our client's lives easier then they're pretty pointless so we love hearing how our clients are using our services (and obviously how it can improve). One area that we've noticed ...
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