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With changing times, your business has more than likely gone through some adjustments. You remain in business, but is the public aware? Now more than ever, your website needs to reflect that your company is back to business—whether that means in-store, online, or both. The best way to communicate that is on your WordPress website.

Anyone visiting your website will go somewhere else if your website is showing any of these signs:

  • Slow performance
  • Inaccurate hours
  • Inaccurate store address and Google Map
  • Out-of-stock product
  • 404 Errors
  • A contact form that doesn’t work
  • Other technical issues

Get Back to Business with WordPress Support

That’s where Maintainn’s Back to Business WordPress support special offer comes in! For a limited time, when you purchase five hours of WordPress support, you receive one FREE*. That means you get six hours of WordPress support for the cost of five. This offer is limited to the purchase of 20 WordPress support hours.

Here’s how the Back to Business WordPress support promotion works.

  • Buy 5 WordPress support hours, get 1 free hour of WordPress support
  • Buy 10 WordPress support hours, get 2 free hours of WordPress support
  • Buy 15 WordPress support hours, get 3 free hours of WordPress support
  • Buy 20 WordPress support hours, get 4 free hours of WordPress support

Normally, new Maintainn clients are required to purchase 10 WordPress support hours in order to enjoy the benefits of our Support Program. For the duration of Back to Business, new customers can now test out our service at a lower rate, while benefiting from two free hours of WordPress support.

Think of the Possibilities

Imagine all the amazing things you can accomplish with Maintainn’s Back to Business WordPress support special offer. Our team can focus on optimizing your website’s performance, repairing all technical issues, and resolving any plugin conflicts.

We can even add a blog, if your website currently lacks one. Allow us to update your hours, location, and recommend the best contact form plugin for improved conversion.

Don’t Miss Out!

To take advantage of the Maintainn Back to Business WordPress support special offer, visit the Maintainn Support Program page.

  1. Fill out the purchasing form.
  2. Select the number of hours you want to purchase. (Maximum of 20)
  3. We’ll add the free hour(s) to your support account upon receipt of purchase and notify you of your new balance.*
  4. This offer is in effect August 24 – September 10, 2021.

Our team can’t wait to help you get your WordPress website in top shape so that your customers and the world know that you are back to business.

*This promotion cannot be combined with any other discounts.

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