On August 24, 2017, Maintainn conducted our first ever live Twitter chat event. Dubbed and hashtagged #askMaintainn, this inaugural social media event was hosted by Brad Williams (@williamsba), CEO of WebDevStudios, our parent company. We invited current Maintainn clients and the general public to ask their pertinent WordPress and Maintainn questions. Here’s what was asked and what was answered.

Q: What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in how businesses approach and use WP over the years?

A: By far it’s the idea of using WordPress as a full-fledged CMS vs a blogging platform. So much growth in a few short years.

Q: Are you worried about decoupling the frontend/backend with the REST API? Any CMS could offer a “WP compat” API?

A: WordPress is an amazing content management system. That doesn’t mean WP also has to power the front-end. REST API FTW!

Q: Do you wish the #Famous 5 Minute Install made its way back into the WP Community?

A: Where did it go? https://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress#Famous_5-Minute_Install

Q: What WordPress feature do you think needs an overhaul to make day-to-day use easier for biz owners?

A: I would love to see a proper Notifications API/Section in WordPress. It’s like the wild west of theme/plugin notifications.

Interestingly enough, that question spurred a whole conversation with other Twitter users, which you can read here.

During quiet moments, Brad shared his personal WordPress opinions, too.

And, he even took the time to answer some off-topic questions, too.

Q: Do you think the will be lousy forever? Why can’t they find a decent GM or QB?

A: Have faith. The Raiders were in the Super Bowl in 2002 and didn’t return to the Playoffs again until 2016.

Q: What scares you?

A: Massive man-made objects under water.

Q: If Chucky and The Leprechaun were to battle, who would win?

A: I’d have to give it to Chucky. The Leprechaun is 100% focused on his gold, which is his biggest weakness.

Join Us for the Next #askMaintainn Twitter Event on October 5, Noon PDT

Jim Byrom
Jim Byrom, Director of Client Services

WHAT: #askMaintainn Twitter Event (You must use the hashtag so we find your question.)

WHEN: October 5, 2017, from Noon – 1 p.m. Pacific Time

WHERE: Twitter

HOW: Follow @maintainn and use the hashtag #askMaintainn to have your question addressed. Jim Byrom (@TheJimByrom), Director of Client Services, will be taking over the Maintainn account, so you can talk to him directly.

Would you like to know…

  • Which Maintainn plan is right for you and your business?
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
  • How do you go about upgrading or downgrading a plan?

Ask Jim anything about Maintainn or WordPress, and he will do his best to answer all questions, as time allows. Until then, feel free to peruse our FAQs for any answers you need to know now.

See you on October 5 at noon PDT! We’re looking forward to it.



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