Those of you out there with a sharp attention to detail may have been wondering if something has changed around here…no need to get your eyes checked! Maintainn has, in fact, done a full refresh on our site!

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Since Shayne started the company in October of 2012, a lot has changed. Shayne started the company part-time while still working with WebDevStudios, and eventually embarked out on his own and growing it to four employees in a year and a half. Two years after Maintainn’s start, WebDevStudios acquired the company , and added three more employees, making the company a six-person operation handling over 1,000 sites, as well as WDS enterprise retainers. It only seemed fitting that we seize the opportunity to make the Maintainn site reflect the internal growth of the company, and thus, our most recent makeover.

One of the major goals of this makeover was to simplify the entire experience. We wanted to clean up the brand and messaging so that we could drive the focus on where it should be–which is the awesome ways we can help WordPress site owners. We also wanted to emphasize the ties between Maintainn and WebDevStudios; we’re all part of the same family, and that connection offers some truly unique benefits to our clients.

In the words of the WDS VP of Operations, Dre Armeda:

The life of a website really starts the day it launches. We believe site owners can extend the life of a site if they have the right support. Keeping up on updates and having off-site backups are intrical to the upkeep and recovery of a website when things go wrong. Maintainn covers all those things and more, I think it’s a huge win for website owners. Sustainment is part of the website life cycle, and Maintainn is the perfect team to handle the entire support and maintenance stage of life.

One of the reasons WebDevStudios and Maintainn are compatible side-by-side services is that they share some key values. Both companies believe in building teams that are made up of good people who take pride in doing great work. Shayne has emphasized to me multiple times that his goals include ensuring that clients are treated like their site is as important as Maintainn’s, and that’s one of the things that we want to continue to make happen.

In Shayne’s own words:

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to find and use our service, knowing they’re in good hands with trusted developers that treat each site like their own. We take pride in every site we manage and every piece of code we deploy.

Both WDS and Maintainn believe in consistently delivering fantastic work, and by teaming up, we streamline that process and make our pool of resources and insight so much greater than they were before.

Some of the changes we’ve made include a clearer path for clients to sign up for the Maintainn Premium Plan, which includes all the things needed to properly maintain a site (core updates, off-site backups, security monitoring, and more). We have also made it easier for larger clients and enterprise customers to bring on Maintainn as a support partner. We would like to see Maintainn become a go-to partner for development and design tasks. We’ve also made it clear that we are offering SLAs and dedicated resources to enterprise clients to assure we meet their needs. The Maintainn team may be small, but it is MIGHTY…and we wanted our new site to reflect that strength.

And if you’re an existing client, you may be wondering how these present changes, as well as future ones, will impact you: Existing clients will see no immediate shifts and will continue getting the same awesome support they have been already receiving. In the future, users (both new and existing) can expect a revamped User Dashboard that will make their interactions with us and overall experience even more seamless and user-friendly.

We’re still growing, and we’re excited to have you all along for the ride. Feel free to poke around the new site and tell us what you think!

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