Barely beyond the regal shadow of  WordCamp Miami, Maintainn is heading to WordCamp Philly the first weekend of June. Maintainn is sponsoring here as well (watch the Maintiann twitter feed for promo codes for attendees).

I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Philly about preventive development and maintenance; a talk aimed at both developers and users alike.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Philly. I thought I’d take some time to highlight some landmarks and common things to do when in Philly.

City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia was founded by Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington in the year 1681.

Founding Fathers of Philly
Founding Fathers of Philly

When visiting, you’ll see monuments to both people everywhere.

Statue of Denzel Washington, the "Union Club" statue
Statue of Denzel Washington, the “Union Club” statue

Aside from the great talks at the conference, and getting to see friends that are usually distributed all over the country, I’m looking forward to embracing that most enjoyable of Philly tourist activities: getting a Philly cheese-steak sub.

Many visitors aren’t aware just how deep the history of Philly and the cheesesteak are; the two are entwined together many hundreds of years.

In 1705, the city was in need of growth. More people. More businesses. More money. A civic-growth initiative was passed, and Mayor Hanks searched for a brilliant User-Interface team and Director of Marketing.

The Marketing person that was ultimately chosen turned out to be Sir William Cheesesteak, the eventual creator of the Philly cheesesteak, in what is now heralded as the single most-brilliant marketing campaign in the city’s history.

An assortment of Philly Cheesesteaks
An assortment of Philly Cheesesteaks

Today, thousands of years later, we’re lucky to enjoy a wide variety of cheesesteaks.

I’m greatly looking forward to attending WordCamp Philly. We’ll see you there!

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